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Highest Allowable Contracts

Highest Allowable Contracts

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Mortgage Protection

With an array of simplified issue Mortgage Protection products for you to select from, ASG has your client needs covered.

Cancer Plans


A relatively new focus for our Agents is the emergence of plans designed to offset the “out of pocket” expenses associated with Cancer treatment.  

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Final Expense


We didn’t invent Final Expense plans but sometimes it feels like we did!

Some of our Carriers
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Agent Testimonials

Barry W.

North Carolina

I have been working with Agent sales Group since 2005   They have been extremely helpful with all of our agency needs.  I highly recommend using them to build your agency in a solid way.

Malcolm G.

New Jersey

I have been in the insurance business as an agent for over 20 yrs. Agent Sales Group is by far and away the best brokerage I have ever worked with. Great compensation. Completely honest and always available to help you. On top of that they really are nice people willing to help you build your business.

Regina E.


I’m an independent insurance broker who’s been contracted under Agent Sales Group since December 2006. With proper coaching, I have managed to build strong relationships with A+ insurance carriers as well as maintain a very decent lifestyle.


I am extremely appreciative of the guidance that ASG has provided me and I will continue to give them all of my business and my loyalty!  They have truly become like family to me. 

Thanks to the WRIGHT team!!! 

Brian L.


I began working with Agent Sales Group in 2009.  I came for their lead programs and contract levels, and I've stayed because of the support they've provided me getting business placed over those years. 

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