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Frequently Asked Questions

 01   I want to work as an Independent Agent.  Do I need an IMO?

99% of life carriers in the market require that agents go through an IMO (Independent Marketing Organization). Therefore, in order to provide your clients with the broadest and best options available in insurance you will need to work with an IMO.

 02   What are the benefits to working with an IMO?

IMO’s have relationships with multiple carriers and can assist you with finding products that fit your market or your particular client. Your IMO might also assist you with training on products, risk assessments and even follow-up on cases you have pending. Each IMO is different. You just need to do due diligence to know who you’re “getting into bed with”.

 03   Why should I work with Agent Sales Group?

ASG provides you with as much or little support as you desire.  We aren’t going to “require” you to do basically anything.  But we will assist you with your cases, product needs, training and general back office support to the level that you as an independent agent desire.  We answer the phone and when we can’t, we call you back.

 04   Why doesn't Agent Sales Group sell leads?

We are in the business of assisting agents in placing business.  We are not in the business of generating income from lead sales.  If you have been in the business for any period of time you know that some IMO’s often promise you “fresh” leads that are actually old or have been sold multiple times, or both.   Worse yet, generally lead selling IMO’s give you a “haircut” on your commissions too.

Lead selling is not our game. We do however work diligently to find third-party marketers in the lead generation business that do what they say when they say they will do it.   We pass those contacts to our contracted agents and, in many cases, our agents will receive a discount on their order when referencing ASG.

 05   Does Agent Sales Group own my book of clients?

Your business is your business.

 06   When am I vested with Agent Sales Group?

Agents are vested day one upon request.

 07   Do you require that I become captive?

We are a service provider to Independent Insurance Agents/Brokers. You are not captive to ASG. Period. That said, most of our agents get all their contracting needs met through our office because they know exactly what they are getting.

If, however, you have a desire to work in a “captive agency” where you will receive lead support, etc., we will be happy to assist.  We have a broad network of agents and agencies throughout the country.  Some of them may be looking to add captive agents to their groups.  We can act to put you and those resources together

 08   What training do you provide?

Most carriers provide contracted agents exceptional product training tools and live webinars dedicated to their products. Over and above this, ASG has then assisted groups of agents with dedicated interactive webinar training as well as “in person” product training sessions with larger groups.   We are always available to answer any product specific questions an agent may have and assist agents with risk assessments and alternative coverage options if available for their clients.  We will assist in any way we can to help you or your agency place more cases.  

 09   What references can you provide?

We believe the best references come from our agents.  To read some quotes click here.

 10   Can I recruit agents underneath me?

Absolutely.  All contracting would run through you, with you providing us direction on what commission levels to assign to your down line agents.  All communication from our office to your down line agents would funnel through you.  Essentially, they would never know we exist unless you tell them.

 11   What happens if I want a release from you as my IMO?

We are exceptionally accommodating in regard to releases.  Intriguingly, we are almost never asked for a release due to our focus on providing exceptional back-office support. Over the past 13 years we have had less than a dozen requests for a release. Of those we denied only one.

 12   How do I get contracted with Agent Sales Group?

To contract with any one of Agent Sales Group's carriers please call 706-298-2719 or email us at and provide your name, phone number and best time to reach you and we will get back to you at that time. 

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