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PH: 706-298-2719  

FAX: 509-562-6353


Gary Wright

Born a Hoosier with my formative years spent in the warmth of Florida and rooted with the Oaks in Auburn, Alabama, a great portion of my life has been spent in the Insurance industry. 


My father was a career Met Life Agent, Sales Manager and District Manager, and I can vividly remember sitting in the car with my mom waiting while my dad was inside someone’s house on an appointment.  Unfortunately for us, but of great benefit to his clients, 30 minutes and 3 hours were all the same to him.  I guess that taught me patience.  But it also served as a great role model.


Today I offer my clients that same personalized care and focus that does not measure success in hours and minutes but rather in the understanding and fulfillment of their specific insurance needs.  I work with multiple companies so I can offer the right product with the best fit for each individual’s life circumstances.

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