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Meet The Team

In the spring of 1998 James “Jeff” Wright launched Agent Sales Group, an independent marketing organization.   Initially the IMO concentrated on products supporting the Mortgage Protection Market.  Hell-bent on providing agents with “straight talk”, responsive back office support and the best contracts and innovative products available, it didn’t take long for Agent Sales Group to be a major force in the Mortgage Protection Market.  Soon ASG was routinely winning awards as a top performing IMO from its partner carriers and could boast of an ever-growing team of highly successful independent agents.

Over time, and frankly almost as a second thought, ASG became a leader in providing Final Expense solutions.  Focusing on innovative products provided by a host of carriers, ASG was quick to deliver unique revenue generating opportunities to contracted agents.


ASG continues to grow and adapt and today is a leader in the Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Annuities and Government Employee Markets.  And while change is inevitable, one thing will always remain the same:  Agent Sales Group is the “No Bull” IMO you can rely on to provide the best service and solutions available.

Jeff Wright

Founder & President

A serial entrepreneur, Jeff is always exploring new profitable business models that fill a void in the market.  After selling a successful Commercial Leasing Business he had co-founded to GE Capital he found himself looking for just such a new venture in early 1998.

Having gained expertise as "the middleman" in getting Term Life coverage for large leasing clients to enable them to secure loans for which they would otherwise not be eligible, Jeff saw a correlation in the consumer market.  He moved immediately into the Life Insurance business by building an agent group focused on selling Mortgage Protection Insurance.

Jeff Wright_edited.jpg

The sheer volume of business his teams produced provided him the unique opportunity to gain direct distribution from a relatively new carrier in the Mortgage Protection market. From there Jeff's ability to comfortably converse with everyone from the bathroom attendant to the CEO of a Fortune 500 carrier vaulted ASG into one of the most successful IMO's in the industry.


When not pursuing new opportunities for ASG Jeff is usually traveling for pleasure or on his boat. But he is always keeping an eye out for new markets and products that ASG can bring to our expanding pool of independent agents.

Gary Wright

Sales & Recuiting

Fan of Auburn, good cigars and The Bandit, Gary manages the back-office operations for Agent Sales Group.

Gary comes to the Insurance Industry honestly enough…his father was a career Met Life Agent.  He initially resisted following in his paterfamilias’ footsteps, thinking to make a life in the rag business wearing coat and tie, but finally came to his senses and shed the restraints of corporate America (along with the tie!) to take the plunge into Life Insurance.  He joined ASG over 13 years ago and has never looked back…other than to ask himself “why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

While handling most new agent contracting needs and being your general go-to guy at ASG, Gary's favorite service to provide agents is solutions for difficult cases.  Unlike many IMO’s, when you call ASG you WILL get a response.

And while they may share the same last name, Gary and Jeff are not blood-related but in effect "brothers" from different mothers.

Gary fishing_edited.jpg

O: 706-298-2719  

F: 509-562-6353

melinda williams headshot3_edited.png
Melinda Williams

Large Group/Agency Contracting Administrator

With over 15 years at ASG, Melinda assists our largest agency groups with their contracting needs.  And when she is not busy with insurance challenges, she is the full-time mom to 3 beautiful girls and the wife of a professional bass fisherman.  Somehow she manages to juggle it all, insurance, fish and bows, always with a smile!

O: 706-298-2733  

F: 509-562-6353

Ken Barber

Manager, Captive Agent Opportunities Greater Metro Atlanta Market

With over 35 years of experience in the Life Insurance business, most of it in the Mortgage Protection Market, Ken has trained dozens of agents to become successful in the trade.  If you are in search of a home with a captive group in the Mortgage Protection field and you are based in the greater Atlanta area Ken would be a phenomenal contact to reach out to.

O: 706-957-2148  

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