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Jeremy Burdusis.jpg
Jeremy Burdusis

Life Insurance Specialist

Jeremy followed his father into the insurance industry, along with his sister, uncles, aunts and other family members who have all been in the 'protecting livelihoods' business since 1949.

Jeremy focuses on Mortgage Protection life insurance. He sincerely appreciates the trust people advance him and earns it back by honoring his words with the policies he sells.

When not working Jeremy likes to train (and learn from) his rescued German Shepherd Jackson.  Together they clean up the local community and reach out to neighbors making sure they are doing okay along the way.

          Jeremy is always looking for new rivers & lakes to explore in the Pacific North              West.  He's a big fan of chivalry and puts others' needs ahead of his own                    always.

          Working for the "No Bull" Agent Sales Group, Jeremy is honored and humbled.

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